How to Slice a Cake Evenly

March 6th, 2006 | by Tipster |

Slicing freshly baked cakes can be rather difficult especially if they are soft ones. People usually sit there for hour with a knife trying to gently make their way through the cake until they reach the other side evenly, but you no longer have to carry out such tedious acts for I have found the perfect solution. Dental floss and toothpicks. Yup dental floss can be used to slice a cake in half and very well! What to do is wrap a piece of dental floss around the cake and pull it in a cross at one side then pull firmly but gently and voila you have an evenly sliced cake!

Toothpicks are another great way, what to do is prick the cake with tooth picks all the way around it in an even circle then take a serrated knife and cut around the toothpicks this is another great way of achieving the perfectly cut cake!

Both methods are tried and tested and are greats ways to cut the cake not only that they are inexpensive as they are already items that you have lying around the house!

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